The begining?

In the cold and dark corners of cyberspace I have staked out this portion for myself, to write and reflect, and possibly find something interesting in my own thoughts that others may also find worth reading.

In this blog I intend to talk of my architectural studies mostly so that the mysteriousness of the allusive 'studio' may subside to those unknowing of what I do with the vast majority of my life.  But I hope to, occasionally, write of other things as well. things that inspire me, trouble me, confuse me, and so on.

I decided to name the blog as I have because it represents how we in the digital age exist in both the real tangible world as well as the digital world simultaneously.  This thought is always in the back of my mind and seems to constantly affect my thinking.  I feel that this will present itself repeatedly throughout the posts to come.

And so the digitally documented journey begins...