Yo dudes. I started that new blog I was telling you about. It's called Plastic Futures and you can find it here.


I think this blog is pretty much dead.

It was originally a way for me to share my experience in architecture school with my family as well as an outlet for some of my personal creative convictions and expressions, but quickly I realized I suck at hastily wording my own thoughts as they happen. I hope this deficiency improves in time, especially since I have a very strong appreciation for the written word in communicating architectural and design ideas. I'd also like to think I'm a decent writer, but clearly this blogging format just simply hasn't been sustainable.

If you know me, I put too much importance on things...which essentially strangles me and my ability to act in any capacity and this blog is no exception from that. This is something I also hope improves in time. Closing this door is just so I can open another one and with school over for now I could definitely use the creative outlet. Hopefully now I can find that niche that will inspire me to create content instead of waiting for that content to come to me.

With that said, be on the lookout for a new url. Because I can't not have a blog. I mean, how could I be considered a hipster millennial if I didn't!?

Until then-


An awesome video for what has so far been my favorite song of 2011. The bonus is that it was made by a fellow Kent State student. Check it out!

Lofticries with trembling eyes.


I need to find some inspiration to continue to post to this blog, even if blogging (from what I'm told) is already dead.

But a quick update, I graduated last weekend from KSU with my Bachelors of Science degree in Architecture. That was a rough four years. Glad it's over, but like many things I'm left with the question of whether I did enough with my time at Kent. Immediately I can't help but feel regretful for the way many things turned out. But I need to remind myself that everything is a learning experience and frankly so little of what I learned from attending university was academic. It's cliche but it's also true. I just hope that Kent has steered me in the right direction for how I want to create my life and career from here and that my poorer than anticipated academic performance won't completely squander those dreams.

Oh Kent.

But on a more optimistic level, I really did have a great time at Kent. I have been so privileged to even attend school and to go through architecture school; I realize it's something few can claim. It's an experience that completely changes a person and makes one see the world and life different from most people on so many levels, I couldn't even begin to explain it. I'm scared but excited for my future, and I'm definitely going to miss the people that made this past 4 years so great, despite the torture we had to put up with.

Oh Kent, I'll miss you.

PROOF: That I've graduated.

Modern love.