The sched.

Today concludes the first full week of classes here at the Palazzo de Cerchi in Florence. To allow for travel on the weekends, classes end on Thursday creating a three day weekend. My schedule is both jam-packed and quite open, since I have one lecture on Monday, a crazy day on Tuesday and Thursday, and no classes on Wednesday. BUT, most importantly, I find all of my classes to be at least mildly amusing...a big improvement compared to the unreasonable, mandatory, and technical classes of last semester (Yes, that would be Environmental Technology and Methods & Materials. And yes, I did beyond horrible in both classes.)

The schedule (roughly) is as follows >>>

Monday // 11:00 – 2:45a Forces That Shape Cities > Marcello Fantoni
Tuesday // 8:30 – 10a Basic Conversational Italian > Roberto
10 – 12p Sketching and Drawing > Sylvie
12 – 2p Italian Art from Giotto to Bernini > Rocky Ruggiero
2 – 6p Third Year Design Studio > Alberto Francini
Wednesday // nothing!
Thursday // same as Tuesday. (And yes, that leaves no time for lunch in case you were wondering.)
Friday – Sunday // romping about Europe

Other classes // Reading cities > includes 4 mandatory weekend field trips to different cities in Italy
Urban Design > writing intensive component to Studio course

In total > 20 credit hours.

One of the pleasant differences between Kent campus classes and my current classes is that most are held within the city itself, outside of the classroom. Today, our lecture about the history of Florence in Italian Art was spent in the buildings or within the public squares we were actually learning about. Later, we will be taking class-time trips to the many museums and galleries within Florence to do the same. I can't tell you how incredible and beneficial it is to see the work in reality, rather than the slide. In fact, one upcoming lecture will be held on the top of the Duomo - extreme lecturing. (We are excused from that lecture if we have claustrophobia or a fear of heights.) In any case, the classes are much more immersive, interactive, and personal than anything I've experienced on the main campus. A welcome change, no doubt.

I will update on other more personal matters some time this weekend. A lot has been running through my head, but I'm not yet sure how to put it into coherent sentences.


Adriana said...

I hope you are neither afraid of heights nor claustrophobic ( I believe neither). Busy but good-It will be so fun.