The future looks...

Just saw this on the Archinect salary poll.

62 / Male from Phoenix, Arizona

$64,000 salary

Type of work: Fulltime
Type of workplace: Corporate
B. Architecture
B.S. Botany
I year grad school
Registered Architect, Az, Ca. and
Registered Landscape Architect, Az, Ca.
38 years experience
40 hrs vacation
Health and dental insurance
No retirement program
Took 20% paycut in 09
40-60 hr weeks+

"I have been used, abused, stabbed in the back by co-workers and overworked all my life. My retirement savings is disappearing. I am a very talented designer and project manager. What a depressing profession. The rewards are very small."

Posted: Apr, '10



Adriana said...

Could be his work in uninspiring both to him and to the general populace? Does not mean it has to or will be that way for you. Also, the degree is the starting point, the journey is your entire life. Don't give up on the journey yet!