Chocolate festival in Florence this past weekend.  The best thing to happen in the city yet.  Hands down.

Mom, this is for you.  But, unless you come in March, you'll have to wait until May to find out its identity. 

It was a chocolate lover's paradise.  A tent in Santa Croce went up and was soon filled with booths from all over Italy representing different cioccolaterias.  Here's the website for the event, in Italian.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me to snap a few images.  All you need to know is it was amazing, you should be jealous, and I was quite content that night.  

Firenze, another fiera del cioccolato soon?


Adriana said...

OMG!!!! the chocolate looks amazing! I would have to say I would concur that that would be the best yet!

Now the mystery bottle.........