I'm gonna be famous.

Today I was interviewed by a reporter for Luna Negra, a student-produced magazine for writing and poetry.  This semester's theme is "The art around us".  The journalist was interviewing architecture majors for a story on how they view design and how it relates to the theme.  Not sure if this is allowed, but here is the unedited interview because I liked some points that were brought up.  Strangely, this is the third time in the past week I've had similar conversations.

Since it was on Skype chat, I just copied and pasted.


Ok, so tell me about how you chose to be in architecture? Or what is it you're planning to do with your major?
i chose architecture because i didn't choose it.  i think it chose me.  i remember being interested in design at a very young age, and sometime in middle school found out about architecture as an industry through a mentor of mine at my church.  he was graduating from osu at the time with his m.arch in architecture.
but i've always had a bizaare connection to "space"....as a general term.

That's what George said! He had a connection to space. So what do you specialize in with architecture...George said he's a futurist...a new term to me
george?  the fourth year?  cool!


haha, futurist is a great term.  one i would like to describe myself, but now i feel unoriginal. haha.
BUT it brings up a great point for me.  i'm very interested in science fiction, and have been since birth...basically.  i believe architecture IS science fiction in many ways.  for instance, any design is a prediction of the future, it's a fact impossible to get away from.  therefore, i believe science fiction, to be highly relevant in the way i design and approach architecture.
if that makes any sense...
but specialize...
i wouldn't say i specialize in any particular thing.  nor do i want to.  i like to keep an open mind about what architecture (or design) is and what it can be.  this could mean anything from a building to a spoon to a magazine.

interesting....So what are you doing in Italy? Is it related to architecture?

And are you enjoying your space there? 
kent state's college of architecture and environmental design (caed) has their own program here built into the curriculum.  it's a great thing for us architecture majors, because trying to do study abroad on our own would be impossible to fit in without getting behind.
the space here....is different from the us.  much smaller, and colder.

So what have you learned there?
well...i'm taking a lot of classes about the renasaince.  this makes sense because florence is the birthplace of that movement.  many of my classes deal with the forces that shaped that movement with the real-life evidence to back up what we learn in class.  unfortunately, being a "futurist" i'm finding i can only be so inspired from this.  i don't know if it's wrong of me, but it's how i feel.
and of course there are the life lessons that go along with being in a new country...

of course :) 
How are you at italian?
really bad.  i didn't know a single word when i got here.  luckily, i'm taking a language class now so it's getting better.

Awww! Well you are learning!

So what inspires you about architecture? What draws you to it?

You mention being interested in since a young age...why have you stayed with it?
i think it's the possibility that i can see the world around me and make it better.  but it's one of those things that i can't explain why i'm like that specifically.

That's a beautiful answer. No one I has talked to has said that. Well put.
well, thank you.

Ur welcome!
This year's Luna Negra theme is the art around us. How do you think architecture relates to the art around us? What role does it serve as an art form do you think?
well, i think it's pretty obvious that architecture is all around us.  we live our lives in it and through it.  and i like to relate life as an art in and of itself.  so the two go very much hand in hand.  "beautiful" architecture allows one to live a beautiful life.  and it's everywhere.

Agreed. So you mentioned that you see it as a way that you can make the world better. Specifically, in what way? How do you envision it's possible? Maybe an example?
i think a lot of it is re-thinking the way architecture plays it role in this world.  a lot of things are taken as they are because that's the way they've always been.  so i think if we can re-considered the precedent, then maybe another way is better.  or more exciting.  or more economic.  or more efficient.  the list goes on.

Wow. It goes back to what you were saying about a spoon or magazine. You see, architecture isn't just in terms of a building, which I tend to think of it.

It can be an I-pad or a spoon to help someone with a missing thumb eat better.
I have to get out of my box
yes! you do!  haha.
i mean, architecture is such a generic term when you really think about it.  a building in a way is contradictionally (?) such a specific thing.

Is there something you want to build/design that hasn't been done yet? What's out there you think needs to be accomplished?
i don't know if i've ever thought about a specific typology that i would like to design.  maybe self-sustaining homes on the lunar surface.
it really could go anywhere.

That's a good idea...your're right
Another arch student said something really interesting to me.... she said arch is all around us, we can't escape it. it can't be ignored like a photograph or a flower. What do you think of that?
i think she's right.  a lot of people will say that architecture isn't important, all we really need is shelter, anything beyond is pretentious or frivulous.  architecture is one of the rare art forms that jumps boundaries when you consider the everyday person.  most art is kept in museums or galleries, but architecture is beyond that.  i mean, you need architecture even to house art so....i don't know.  i think that says something though.

Yeah..very cool.
Arch majors have such an interesting perspective in the world.
I feel like I'm underappreciating my shack apartment or something
haha.  i mean think about how your apartment controls and dictates how you live and what you do when you are there.  it's kinda mind-blowing when you really consider it.

True! So are you getting your bachelor of science in arch? What's next for you after Italy? Any big plans for the summer?
yes.  i am getting my b.s. arch degree.  after italy, i wanted to stay in europe and intern, but reality is really biting me in the butt right now.  i think i have to come home and save up some money for next academic year.  a let down..

I hope it works out for you. If you can do it take advantage while you can.
thanks!  i really hope so.

So, I think I've asked you everything I've wanted. Is there anything you want to add? Maybe we didn't touch on something you think is important?
hmmmm.....i don't know.  i just think it's important for people to understand the implications of architecture.  how it can transform this world, and how we all have to deal with the decisions made by a very few people (as in realized building projects).  architecture is a field relevant for everyone.